How to Meditate

Meditation is simple and straightforward (but not necessarily easy).

Here are the basic instructions. Ease comes with practice.


  1. Sit comfortably with your back erect and your eyes gently closed.
  2. Gently, bring your attention to your breath. See if you can follow the entire breath from inhalation to exhalation. It is very likely your attention will wander. This is normal!
  3. Whenever you realize your attention has wandered away from your breath, gently bring it back again. This step is the essence of meditation practice. If your attention wanders dozens of times, just bring it back dozens of times.

When you’re finished:

  1. Take a moment or two to bring your attention to your body and your surroundings before slowly opening your eyes.
  2. Make a slow transition to your next activity. Get up slowly. Stay quiet for a while and try to bring your mindfulness with you into the rest of you day.

Try it now:

This is a 10-minute, basic, guided meditation. Enjoy!

Find more meditations on the Free Meditations page

Meditation FAQ:

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