Monkey mind isn’t the problem you think it is

Monkey mind is a common metaphor for the wildly busy thoughts we sometimes experience during meditation. If your meditation practice is still young, you may find yourself struggling to calm your thoughts, but there’s something mature meditators know that you don’t: Monkey mind is not a problem to be solved.

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What are you practicing?

I have a friend who loved to slip into daydreams while meditating. She told her meditation teacher that she noticed she was being distracted by daydreams, but chose to keep daydreaming because it was so pleasant. The teacher said that was well and good if my friend intended to strengthen her daydreaming skills, but didn’t help much if she intended to build meditation skills.

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Acceptance: Don’t ignore the positive

My husband and I spend a lot of time in Canadian Rocky Mountains. He’s an amateur wildlife photographer (you’ve seen some of his photos on People who see his pics often ask “How do you see so much wildlife? I go to Jasper all the time and I never see anything.” His response: “You’re driving too fast.” It takes a long time, and a lot of bad photos, to get one good bear picture. To catch something wonderful and rare, you have to slow down and look carefully.

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Acceptance: How to make peace with fear and overwhelm

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently released a report recommending an attempt to limit warming to 1.5℃ instead of the previously recommended 2℃. The mainstream media have presented this report in a startling way, reporting that we have only 12 years to limit warming before the effects are too large to manage. My concern with this reporting is I see it generating depression, anxiety, fear and overwhelm and, as a consequence, many are concluding that there’s no hope.

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Get the antidote to doubts about your meditation practice

Am I doing this right? I don’t think I’m capable of mediating. I can’t calm my mind. Maybe this isn’t worth the effort — It’s natural for beginners to have some doubts about their meditation practice. Even seasoned meditators can experience periods of self-doubt.

Doubt can make meditation practice feel like a struggle, like a fight against yourself, and it can even cause some people to give up altogether. But, doubt can also be a teacher from which you can learn more about your habitual responses to uncertainty and confusion. Let me give you some ideas that can help you get through periods of doubt.

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Can a warm up ritual help you meditate consistently?

Athletes, musicians, actors and other performers commonly use ritual to prepare themselves for a performance. Prior to lifting, a weightlifter might eat complex carbs, dress in her favourite lifting clothes, and do some cardio exercise to warm up. During the warm up, she might even listen to a playlist designed to energize her. A singer might do some deep breathing, complete some vocal exercises, and eat a green apple prior to a performance. And, you can use a warm up routine to prepare for meditation.

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Don’t feel like meditating? Just sit.

Establishing a steady meditation habit is often the most challenging part of meditation. Until the habit is well established, it’s common to experience days when you just don’t feel like meditating. Today I’m going to give you simple method for getting past this common obstacle.

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Daily mindfulness: Doing things you hate to do

I’m not really sure how I ended up watching Martha Stewart. I wasn’t a regular viewer. Maybe I was just flipping channels, but what Martha said really struck me, so much so that I clearly remember it a couple of decades later. What did Martha say? She said, “You don’t have to clean your house. You get to clean your house.” Let me tell you why I thought that was profound.

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