Don’t snooze: How to meditate even if you don’t feel like it

Today – how to follow through on your intentions even when you don’t feel like it.

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So, you’ve committed to regular meditation and you’ve set an alarm or chosen a trigger to help you remember. But, when that alarm goes off or when the trigger fires, you just don’t feel like meditating, so you don’t. You promise yourself you’ll do it before bed, or you’ll get back to it tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

The problem is, putting off your practice session once can lead to putting off the next session and the next and so on until, without intending to, you completely abandon your commitment altogether.

How do you avoid giving in to the temptation to skip just one practice? I have two tricks that may help.

1. Remind yourself that you made a promise to meditate.

Treat that promise to yourself with respect. After all, you don’t break promises to your friends. If you made a lunch date with a friend, but then don’t feel like going, you go anyway. Why? Because you respect your friend and, therefore, you keep your promises to her. Well, you deserve just as much respect as your friend does. Next time you are tempted to skip a session, just remind yourself, “you promised.”

2. Try doing the least you can do.

Tell yourself that you’ll meditate for just five minutes. After five minutes, you’re allowed to stop. You might find that, after five minutes, you actually want to continue on for longer. But, if you do stop at five minutes, that’s okay. Even a short practice brings benefits. Better yet, by sticking to your planned schedule, you’re strengthening the habit.

Let’s meditate together right now

The following is a 15-minute guided meditation on with built-in stopping points at 5 and 10 minutes.

Do you have any other tricks to get yourself to commit to a new habit? Please share in the comments, below.

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