You can learn to manage stress in just 15 minutes per day

Stress management is essential to health and well-being, but there are so many obstacles to learning how to control stress: You don’t know where to start, you aren’t sure which techniques are effective, you don’t have time, you can’t find practical lessons, or everything you do find sounds complex or difficult...

Mindful15 helps you leap over all those obstacles. Our lessons are:

  • Short - every lesson is 15 minutes or less
  • Practical - every lesson includes guided practice
  • Straight-forward - instructions are clear and easy to understand
  • Focused on the most effective techniques - we concentrate on mindfulness, which is hands down, the best stress management tool around, but we will also cover other proven tactics (breathing practices, mood changers, etc.)

What you'll find at Mindful15

Weekly mindfulness and stress management lessons. Read them in our blog or listen to them through our podcast.

Free meditations in the form of audio files you can stream or download.

Stress busters. These will help when you need quick stress relief.

Complete instructions on how to meditate.

To get the most benefit from Mindful15

Use one of the blog posts, podcasts, free meditations, or stress busters every day. The biggest benefits come from regular practice!

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